Busy writing, but not blogging

For the past 3 weeks I have been busy writing content for a recruitment blog on topics like leadership, corporate relationships. And I thought this would also translate to more snippets on my blog. But to my amazement when it comes to writing, I am more addicted to putting pen to paper; the old school journal appeals

Reunion with a old friend

I am returning to this blog after close to a year. A busy and happening year with a change of city, recovering from a fracture, resignation from a job held for over 7 years, new friendships and new discoveries about myself. I resolve to… no, I intend to write more often. I was reading an

A Strange world we live in…

Today’s world seems fraught with frailties of spirit. There is an abundance of greed, envy, insecurity, weak relationships, shortcuts to goals and absolute power being the cornerstone of achievement. The joy of simple, meaningful and joyous living seems to have disappeared in the world of glamour, glitterati and supersonic speed tracks that people are racing

A typical day

When a friend sitting in London, asked me to describe my typical day. This was what I wrote : “A typical day starts with meowing cats hollering for food. We have 5 cats – Ladoo, Thambi  because of his hanging tummy, RamaSwamy ( a peaceful mediating ginger cat who feels like a stuffed toy), Mango