What is the your operating principle

During a recent conversation with a friend, I was talking about how do you know whether something something is ethical. His answer was that anything that destabilizes the mind is not ethical. leading to which he said that at the age of 40 and after working for around 20 years, he realised that his purpose or his primary operating principle behind doing every action is the JOY Factor. He takes up work, decisions on his personal life by asking the simple question – How will this create Joy.

Reflecting more on this, I thought that this was a very sane way of making choices. So, wondering on what is my operating principle.

Any answers or reflections would be welcome. Subject thrown open to discussion.


2 thoughts on “What is the your operating principle

  1. How do I know if something is ethical? I see if I can talk about it. If I can’t, if I have to make it sound better than it is, then it isn’t ethical.

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