A new year is often the time that everyone takes to make a promise of renewal to oneself. A burst of enthusiasm to take this chance to reflect and act on setting new habits, changing the old mindless ones and of growing into oneself. As did I at the beginning of 2013 and then promptly decided to a ‘Jill down the hill’ and ended up fracturing my right hand rather strategically. So, after having a rather marvelous recuperation period in the arms of family and a lot of pampering and a lot of time to think about things, I decided to buckle down and get to writing at least twice a week. Given I have more than twice that amount of time allocated to reading;  I am morally responsible to produce some creative output.

So, one of the things I was reflecting on much during this period is that at that whether I have arrived as a woman of the world. Sometimes certain habits, and self- image carries on from the early twenties to early thirties without realizing that you have basically changed and are not showing the world who you are NOW.

Have I grown and I am doing growing? I hope NOT (horrified expression).

But, I sure have changed. There is still some of what was the childish enthusiasm of the ME in school and college, the watchful student and the thirst to prove myself from the days of my first job. But there is still a difference in the lens with which I see the world and my place in the world.

After doing a critical SWOT on myself, I decided to actively seek out personal and professional growth in an organized(being the operative word) fashion and shore up on interesting experiences as a part of building more on personal joie-de-vivre ( a quality I am attracted to).

So, I pledge to try to engage in new behaviors, establish new habits, make my own tribe and panel of advisors/mentors and to put the ME in different scenarios from the usual that you are used to. Learn new skills which is at total opposition to what is status quo. Take a hour of silence to listen to myself speak. Learning to be in harmony with my surroundings.

Now for those who might question as to the relevance of this particular time for this change and pledge is the fact that providence has placed me in a totally different city. A place where I am not known to many and I can remake myself into the best of ME.

So, welcoming new experiences, new people, new tastes, new music, a chance to explore the old. Welcoming the chance to grow, to learn and continually evolve into my best self.


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