Interesting reading techniques

I was reading Tom Keene’s Big Idea and I found it most fascinating. I am a serious bibliophile and have been reading since I was a tot. But the very subject of techniques of reading sounds fascinating. I have been observing that while reading (speed-reading through multiple books at the same time), the retention and focus I wanted to dedicate to my book has not been as effective as I aspire too. So, reading his article, brought the sun out for me.

The two reading techniques which appeals to the eternal student in me are reading narrow and wide. 

So, the concept of reading narrow is to focus on one subject that you want to know about – read atleast 5 books related to various aspects of it and become a plausible subject matter expert on the same. Advantage being as one goes on, it would be easier to have the basic information on multiple interests as well as makes keeping track on the subject trends easier. Best done for subjects like social media, films, certain artists, culture etc (for me)

Reading wide or as he calls it ‘Learning a textbook’ is all about taking a subject matter book which one wants to seriously learn about and go one chapter at a time and reading it like a textbook – including making notation, checking further references as we did in school time. SHould be ready to answer any and all questions related to that subject. Very effective with subjects like fine arts, history, political discourse, philosophy etc.

A third method would be implementing my reading  and by that I mean that I have an insane collection of cookbooks, that I regular dust, look at , read from page to page, admire the food photography, feel soul satisfied and put right back. I have made a resolution that the next time I pick a cookbook as suits my fancy, I will on put it back on my bookcase till I make at least one recipe.

Finally, leaving you with an image of my purrrrrfect reading corner… 



Happy reading…


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