A typical day

When a friend sitting in London, asked me to describe my typical day. This was what I wrote :

“A typical day starts with meowing cats hollering for food. We have 5 cats – Ladoo, Thambi  because of his hanging tummy, RamaSwamy ( a peaceful mediating ginger cat who feels like a stuffed toy), Mango – our sole princess, and Lucky Singh – our lucky black cat. Work at McKC no different. But in Chennai, I am getting to actively interact with new people on the floor who are not related to our work. A very exuberant and dynamic batch of youngsters, very welcoming too. The people here are slightly  conservative but still have their sense of innocence and family and relationships intact in comparison with the young people in Delhi.

Presently enjoying all the ingredients of a rich life :  Living with Mom n baby sis, Cooking and making breakfast and yogurt smoothies in the morning with a dash of conversation about diets, n plans;  Cats; good neighbours; a amazing fresh bread bakery which makes me bread to my hearts content; walks on  the beach ( which is within 10 mins of the home), amazing saree shopping; more movie weekends; late night terrace girlie parties;new friends thanks to the cattitude trust – cat parents, the vet, the trustee (new friends), Interesting food experiences – had a potato broccoli white pizza, salted caramel ice-creams, and uber fantastico south indian food. “
When I had written all this, while I was striving hard to build/live what I thought would be a perfect life I never realized I was already living that. I always wanted to be living where I could see the sea, or any water body coz I lifts my spirits instantly. I wanted to have pets which was unable to have in Delhi, coz I was staying alone and no one to look after my pets after I go to work. I wanted to break my habit and build new friends.
Its so easy to miss whats under your nose cause you are busy being greedy with your eyes.

One thought on “A typical day

  1. this is such a positive thought. It’s all too easy to feel driven and try hard to find new things, without realising that they’re here in the moment too. Made me think that while learning German, one thing that often bugged me initially was that the “present tense” is used also as the “future tense”, But increasingly I like that concept.

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