What Books mean to me?

One of the recurring themes you would find is the quest for self, definition of that, redefining it… because growth and knowledge acquisition enchant me… i am a knowledge hoarder (would have made a perfect librarian). Which leads to my current topic : my relationship with books.

The one common element throughout my life has been my love for books. They were my constant companions, my stalwart friends who would be there to offer succor, breaks from the realities of life, entertainment… in a way the pleasure of being alive was also their gift to me. I traveled continents; led so many interesting lives – warrior princess, a mischievous fairie-sprite, a cherished lover, a loving mother, an enterprising entertainer; ate fantastic banquets; time- traveled across centuries and seeped in the beauty around.  They represent freedom and escape.

My love for books was a habit or rather a devotion handed down by my father. It signified a connection to him till date. Even after his death, I remember picking up a book and thinking Dad’s gonna so fight to read this one first. I remember an occassion when Dad, N and I literally book-napped Arthur Hailey’s Detective cause we were all reading it at the same time and use to take time trying to figure out which bookmark was ours. My earliest memory of books are the long tall rows of books at Children’s Book Trust, New Delhi – a wondrous world where Dad took  both us sisters when we were 7 and 5. I still remember the sights on the way, with both of our little fat hands wrapped around his finger. He taught us to respect the book, the knowledge and the character it would play in our lives. One blog I as reading, the author said if anyone ever mentioned the quantity of books to her, she just claimed them to be her retirement savings… I totally agreed. At present, our house abounds with so money books, both bought by us and Dad’s collection from the time he was 18 that we could possibly open a library all by ourselves. I always thought I would grow up to be a librarian, but well…

A continuing habit till date, both of us sisters are into reading multiple books at the same time. I always have gone ahead and bought more, despite not having read all I already have, because ” what if I miss out on something wonderful and new”. Infact, you will never see my bag without a book, coz what if I get caught somewhere and I am bored. I can continue and tell you many more stories where books played a very pivotal role. But I would like to hear How your relationship with books started and what is it. Do you have stories to share?


One thought on “What Books mean to me?

  1. Mine started as respite from the summer heat. And the discovery of an Aunt’s bookshelf. We also had a kind librarian to give me ideas and ensure I was finishing all that one Author I liked had written in a row. She would keep those books out for me. I never really thanked her for letting me in such a fascinating world 🙂

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