A Strange world we live in…

Today’s world seems fraught with frailties of spirit. There is an abundance of greed, envy, insecurity, weak relationships, shortcuts to goals and absolute power being the cornerstone of achievement.

The joy of simple, meaningful and joyous living seems to have disappeared in the world of glamour, glitterati and supersonic speed tracks that people are racing on. The advances made in the standards of living, health, sciences is extensive and incredible. But it is amazing as everything seemingly turns simpler and better, humans seem to be regressing in their attitudes towards life. In a sense, the world is spinning an Renaissance revolution of itself, but rather than the emphasis on substance it seems to be based the superficial and a very peculiar slant on individualism (a perverted version of the jungle law – each of his own, survival of the powerful, etc. – except that the animal kingdom is way more civilized than the human one at present).

The one thing that you see everywhere, in every ‘class’ from a sociological point of view is a strong hunger/greed without direction or substance.

What do you think?


One thought on “A Strange world we live in…

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