Busy writing, but not blogging

For the past 3 weeks I have been busy writing content for a recruitment blog on topics like leadership, corporate relationships. And I thought this would also translate to more snippets on my blog.

But to my amazement when it comes to writing, I am more addicted to putting pen to paper; the old school journal appeals more than a social media platform. I am writing daily, but it is in a beautiful notebook with paper of a particular weight and texture.

The difference lies in how comfortably I can structure my thoughts in both mediums. In the journal, I use a stream of consciousness style wherein I write on whatever I feel at the moment on whatever topic crosses my mind. In front of a computer, I am more conscious of what I write. This despite the fact I can change and correct whatever I write, a luxury not available with the first. I suppose it is the veil between your personal and professional selves. A division which is most rigorously preserved.

What is your preference in written word?


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